Who Am I?

Caity Girle is a neuro-spicy and LGBTQI artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine art from RMIT, and resides in Naarm, Melbourne. Eager to find magic in the mundane, her acute eye for detail helps her craft installations, sculptures, paintings, fun workshops and wearable art. Her explorations into methods and materials are forever in flux; her one constant is colour.

Pulled between physical reality and her imagination, her work is aesthetically vibrant and textural. She aims to ethically repurpose unwanted items, making them unique and eclectic, as each creation evolves as she makes them. Complex themes are explored through her theory, which delves into the intricacies of circular economy, social behaviour, and the authentic self. Dark undertones examining the infantile tendencies of Western marketing strategies are also present.

Caity employs ‘hunter-gatherer’ archetypes to collect used and second-hand objects for her workshops, sculptures, and her installations re-imagined into new forms.

Her interactive and grandiose structures attempt to hold the essence of ‘home’, ‘nostalgia’, and imagination. She intends to enable acts of ‘exchange’ between the communities’ participants, allowing space for self-awareness, connection and reflection in a fun and engaging way.

Caity holds workshops that explore ‘imagination and play’ through different activities and mediums in a welcoming and inclusive space. She attempts to engage multiple senses to enjoy the process and experience of creating in a whole new way.